Economic development

The creation of a successful local economic system is vital for achieving sustainable development in a community. Access to investment funds, training and technical support are also necessary for improving local businesses.


Business development program (PDE)

Some people already have businesses in the communities and others are ready to start them.  The Sierra Madre Foundation supports this process with:

  • Personalized technical assistance
  • Seminars and business fairs
  • A course on Business Creation and Entrepreneurial Training (CEFE)

To obtain Business Development support people interested in starting or improving a business must:

  • Visit the Sierra Madre Foundation offices
  • Be willing to start a continuous business improvement process and implement the recommendations made
  • Participate actively in training and advisory proces

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Business fair


"Seeds for development" program

Since 2004 the Sierra Madre Foundation has been promoting the "Seeds for development" program in order to study, execute and strengthen horticultural potential in the region with new crops that can be adapted, produced and marketed.

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new crops
Growing new crops

"White Mountain Nursery" program

Another project that the Sierra Madre Foundation is currently promoting is the pilot project "White Mountain Nursery". It is of benefit to families as a source of employment, to the environment because it contributes to reforestation in the region and to the community because it has a community training center.

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Microcredits program (alliance with FAFIDESS)

The Sierra Madre Foundation helped FAFIDESS to set up an office and start operating in the area. For women with initiative who wish to improve their main economic activity this program offers:

  • Micro-credits
  • Administrative and financial advice
  • Training and technical support for the production and management of poultry, pigs and sheep

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The environment program

The FSM has a Basic Environmental Education Program (PEBA) consisting of a module called "Care for the earth – it’s our home".

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The environment

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