Who we are

We are a non governmental, non profit Guatemalan development organization, dedicated to supporting the sustainable development of San Miguel Ixtahuacán and Sipacapa.

We believe the people in the communities are the only ones that can guarantee their own development in the long term. Depending on outside organizations is not sustainable in the long run because some of these organizations do not always remain in the area.

We focus our work on training community members and facilitating coordination among local institutions so that in the long term a local system can be developed that will operate mainly with contributions from the community and also with external contributions.

Our vision

With support from the Sierra Madre Foundation the communities enjoy a better quality of life, with institutions that provide better services and people who can take responsible decisions in relation to their present and future development.


Our vision

Our mission

To support a responsible decision making processes and the present and future development of the communities surrounding the Marlin Mine through alliances and innovative services that strengthen their institutions and improve their economy.

Our mission

Our principles

  • Each person, group and community will decide, direct and be responsible for their own development.
  • Each person, group and community will have resources, experience, skills and ideas for directing their own development and doing it sustainably.
Our principles

How can we help?


  • With talks on the most important health issues in the area
  • Advice and training in the organization and search for productive opportunities
  • Training and technical support for productive activities
  • Training in leadership and representation themes for the communities
  • Seminars about motivation and self-esteem
  • Access to micro financing for women through FAFIDESS
  • Seminars on business management themes








  • Business advice
  • Technical support for business administration
  • Technical support for productive activities
  • Monthly workshops on business management themes



You are always welcome
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