Community strengthening

The FSM believes that the vision and work of men and women in the communities are essential for community development.

So it is vital for community members to learn about their local institutions and organizations, how they operate and the role they play in these organizations.

It is also essential for these institutions to work efficiently so that they can represent and improve the communities.

Community members and leaders have had fund raising experiences, participating in projects implemented by their community to solve their problems. Based on this the Sierra Madre Foundation supports community processes to achieve the following objectives.



  • To facilitate the participatory process of identifying and prioritizing needs
  • To strengthen diagnostic skills and development planning abilities
  • To support development processes in the communities
  • To work with community leaders, auxiliary mayors and COCODES



Community members and leaders have the capacity to lead the development of their communities.

The Sierra Madre Foundation is working with them, providing support
and training on the development processes.







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