Education and training

Education and training are fundamental elements for community development. With education and training people have access to many more opportunities.


• To improve teaching skills
• To train entrepreneurs who wish to start a business or improve their productive skills
• To provide technical support for businessmen and women to improve their productive activities



This provides an individual with a set of skills to become more competent and better prepared for solving problems. With training an individual can:
• Raise his or her standard of living
• Be more productive
• Have more income
• Get a better job
• Earn a better wage
Who can participate in the training?
Everybody, men and women alike.
You must:
1. Be 16 years old
2. Want to learn
3. Be willing to spend time on learning
4. Buy the necessary equipment and materials
5. Be able to read and write (preferable)
6. Be willing to work in the field covered by the training course



If you put into practice what you learn in the courses, you can increase your income, invest in a better education for your children, improve your health, eat better and improve your family home.


The first step for holding a training course is to organize a meeting with the people or groups interested.

You only have to present a request to the Sierra Madre Foundation explaining the reasons and the activity you want to be trained in so that meetings can begin for organizing the activity.

The trainers are from INTECAP or from other institutions with enough knowledge and experience to prepare the participants well.
The Sierra Madre Foundation coordinates with the institutions or hires local trainers.
 Where are the courses held?
• In the communities
• In convenient meeting places
• The trainer can travel to the community

The main training activities are: bakery, carpentry, dressmaking, computer skills, Guatemalan weaving, vegetable growing, hairdressing, cake making, handicrafts, cooking, sausage making, chicken breeding, and many more.

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Some important points related to training:

• The aim is to improve the work skills and abilities of people in the communities
• People should actively and responsibly participate in their own development
• They should contribute with materials and equipment for the learning activity



Education is an important pillar of community development. The Sierra Madre Foundation is implementing the "Program to Improve Teaching Skills" with teachers from Sipacapa and San Miguel Ixtahuacán for the purpose of providing teachers, teacher trainees and others working in the field of education with different teaching strategies to improve their teaching skills.

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Children at school
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